Caring Whiskers, word and name of our Pet Boarding venture, coined by my wife Tejal is a cozy pet boarding retreat for your furry friends. The idea came to us when we had to keep Diego, our own Labrador friend for boarding while we were away for a vacation or had to go urgently to some place. The passion of playing with pets and deep feelings post we got Diego for all the animals, we thought why not we start our own Pet boarding.

We believe in providing the best facilities and to me, sometimes animals show their affection more than humans and why should they treated with less respect or even cared properly. Our boarding if you would take a look at photos and also if you come to our facility, you will see all potential aspects covered which you pet will need. Pretty much how we prefer 5 star hotel to a 2 star or 3 star, we feel Pets also deserve to be taken care in the same way while we are on our own vacation. Unfortunately we cannot take our Pets everywhere where we go, but our facility will help the pet owners to relax and enjoy while we take care of their friend in best possible way.

My parents too contributed a lot, so it is a complete family dream and my daughter is the most happy person now as she gets to play with more pets now.