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Pet Boarding Services in Pune

Short Stays

We start from 4 hrs per day to 4 days which we name them as short stays. If you like to go for a movie OR if you are going to some picnic, you can leave your pet for 8 hrs only and take him/her back.

Long stays

Long stays are generally more than 5 days and goes till even months. If you are going to US or a larger trip and you like to board your pet. we do have special packages for Long Stays.

Week Days Package

This is targeted especially for working couples or for people who like to have a pet but due to their week day chores and work, they are unable to fulfil their dream. Our week day consists of Mon – Fri from 9.30 a.m. till 7 pm IST. This is ideal as on weekends couple can always take care of their pet and leave their pets to us on week days.

Special Holidays Package

Ahhha why should humans have all the fun. We have a special holiday package for your furry friend where we treat him with same luxuries as a human does. A Spa, homely delicious cuisine, special treats, A/c room and more… He/she will have the time of their life.

About Caring Whiskers Pet Boarding

Caring Whiskers, word and name of our Pet Boarding in Pune, coined by my wife Tejal is a cozy pet boarding retreat in Pune for your furry friends. The idea came to us when we had to keep Diego, our own Labrador friend for boarding while we were away for a vacation or had to go urgently to some place. The passion of playing with pets and deep feelings post we got Diego for all the animals, we thought why not we start our own Pet boarding.